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In this section we are going to discuss how you set up Google’s API on your website so that the map in your ‘Properties’ section shows up correctly.

Feel free to follow this video, or read the instructions below:

Go to

Click on Get Started, then check the box that says Places in the Popup Box . Select Continue.

You will then be prompted to login to Google if you’re not already logged in through your browser. Enter your login details and then click on Next.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be prompted to name your project. Use something easy to identify it such as ‘My Land Site’, check the box to agree to Google’s terms and conditions and then click on Next.

You’ll then be prompted to enter your billing information. Google doesn’t charge you to show maps on your website, but they require the billing information in case you wish to access more advanced API features in the future.

Enable billing for your project by clicking on Create Billing Account.

You will be redirected to the following page. Here you are effectively signing up for a free trial of the Google Cloud Platform. Unlike other subscription services, you will not be billed once your trial ends unless you choose to manually upgrade it yourself.

Select your country from the dropdown list and check the box to agree to the terms of service. Then click on Agree and Continue.

You will be asked to either enter your billing information if you haven’t set up payments via google before, or, you will be asked to review the information associated with your Google account as below:

If your billing address for the card that is used is different to the one you selected above, you will need to uncheck the box and enter it manually.

Click on Start My Free Trial.

You will be directed to the following screen that prompts you to enable your APIs. You are given 6 – You only need one. Click Next.

You will need to wait a few seconds while everything loads.

You will then be given your Google API Key. To copy this, press the duplicate button next to the link as highlighted on the image below.

Next, you add the API to your website. To do this log into your WordPress Dashboard.

Go to Appearance > Customize 

Select Layout on the left side of the screen

Click on Properties.

Paste your API code into the box. It may then take a few minutes to load.

Click Publish.

Google Maps will now appear on your Properties when you choose to show the location.

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