Setting Up Budget Hosting & Purchasing a Domain with Bluehost

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⚠ NOTE BEFORE YOU START: ⚠ This method of setting up a hosting and domain is not recommended for security reasons.  We always recommend our customers to use the recommended method with WP Engine, especially when dealing with the security of large transaction amounts. WP Engine is the safest and most secure method of hosting your website with automated backups, latest security patches automatically applied to your site, and free SSL certification.

In this article, we will discuss setting up hosting with an alternative, budget hosting provider, Bluehost.

We will discuss everything from purchasing your domain, to choosing your hosting package and integrating it with your website.


First, click on Get Started

Choose a Domain Name

The Domain Name is the name of your website, i.e. If you don’t already have a domain, this is where you can search for your desired name to see if it’s available. If you already have your domain, simply click on the second option and follow the instructions to point your name servers to Bluehost after you have purchased your hosting package.

Select your Plan

Unless you plan on listing hundreds of pieces of land on your site, the basic package will more than suffice. 50GB is a lot of website space, especially if images are correctly compressed and optimized. Therefore, we recommend choosing the basic package. You can always upgrade your plan, if needed, at a later date.

Create your Account

Next, you will need to fill out all your account information.

Now you can review the package you have selected and select any optional extras you may want. Your domain name is free when you choose a Bluehost hosting package, as is your SSL Certificate, which usually costs over $45 per year.

We recommend adding on Domain Privacy Protection. It means that if anyone looks up your site on WHOIS, your personal details, such as name, address and contact number won’t show up.

Finally, enter your payment details, check the box to agree to the terms and conditions, and select submit.

Install WordPress

Congratulations! You have just purchased your hosting plan. Next up you will need to link it to WordPress, Bluehost make this easy with their simple 1-click install.

If you need any further assistance, click here to find out more about installing WordPress.

Different Hosting Options

This hosting option is designed for those on a stricter budget. We highly recommend using WP Engine however, they’re faster, have dedicated servers, are more secure, and have a support system that’s second to none. You can learn more about WP Engine and how to install it here.

There are also a number of other different hosting providers out there to choose from too, beyond Bluehost and WP Engine.

If you already have a hosting package with another provider,  please refer to their documentation for instructions on how to install WordPress to your site.

Now you’re ready to install the REI Houselist theme to your new WordPress site.

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