Using the REI Houseleads Setup Wizard

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Once you have installed and activated your theme with your license key, you will be automatically redirected to the REI Houseleads Setup Wizard Page.

Click on Let’s Start to begin.

You will then be guided step by step through the wizard. Click the Start button.

Install Plugins

You will then be prompted to install the theme’s recommended plugins; Elementor and Ninja Forms. Click on Install.

Import Content

Next, import the content for the theme by clicking Import. This may take a couple of minutes to install.

Manual Installation of Ninja Forms

Finally, you will be prompted to manually install Ninja Forms. For this step, you will need to go to your theme’s zip file to get the files that you require (we discuss this below).

On the installation wizard you have been going through, click on Next Step: Import Forms.

You will then be redirected to the Import/Export page. Before you select the files to upload, you will need to extract them from the original zipped folder you downloaded. Here’s how you do this:

Right click on the zipped theme folder (rei-houseleads-premium.1.0.0) and click extract, this may take a few minutes. The file will now look like a regular folder.

Back on the Import/Export page, your files will be ready to be selected. Click the button Choose File.

Go to Downloads > rei-houseleads-premium1.0.0 > rei-houseleads-premium > inc > demo

You will see two files that you will need to upload; form-get-cash-offer-1.nff  and form-get-cash-offer-2.nff. 

Once you’ve selected the file, click Import Form.

You can only upload one form at a time, start with form-get-cash-offer-1.nff and then do form-get-cash-offer-2.nff.

Ninja forms should now be fully installed, as should the rest of the content you’ll need for the theme. To check this, you can click on the house icon at the top left of WordPress then click Visit Site.

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