Everything You Need To Launch Your Website & Sell Land Property

"REI Landlist" is a WordPress Theme designed for Land Investors, making it effortless to list your properties and grow your buyers' list.

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Selling Land On Your Own Website Has Never Been Easier

Set up your own website and start listing your properties in minutes.

  • Quick Land Listing
  • Drag And Drop Builder
  • Fully Customizable

Get Buyer Intel

“REI Landlist” is a strategically designed website tailored to find out what your buyers want, build your buyers' list, and increase sales.

  • Understand Buyer Interest
  • Build Your Buyers’ List
  • Sell Directly To Your Buyers’ List

Secure Your Buyer

“REI Landlist” allows for your buyers to start the process of purchasing, seller-financing, or renting of your property. The theme comes with the flexibility to directly link to any payment processor to help you collect your fees quickly and easily. 

What Actual Investors Are Saying

“For someone who has worked with WordPress for many years on many different websites… [REI Conversion Websites] are by FAR the easiest WordPress themes I’ve worked with for any purpose, not just for Real Estate, but across the board!”

- Seth Williams

Founder of REtipster

“This was my first site ever… I found it very easy to use and customize”

” This was my first site ever. Having never built a website, I found it very easy to use and customize. Knowing that REI Conversion has done the research on what creates leads, I am very confident in the layout of the theme.”

Land Investor

- Luke Winters

Land Investor

"...[REI Landlist is] Very easy to use and I love the support!"


Joanne C.

Land Investor (REtipster & Jack Bosch Training)

"...Thank you for taking care of me... Highly recommend you guys to friends, family, and anyone else in Real Estate Investing"


Lewis C.

Land Investor (Bargain Lands)

“I just put my buyer site together, I found the process to be VERY SIMPLE… Very simplified which is exactly what I needed”


- Connie W.

Land Investor (Land Academy)

Features That Make Selling Easy

Here's some of the time saving and flexible features REI Landlist boasts to help many Real Estate Investors sell their land properties.


Easy and Intuitive Theme Customization​

You’ll have all the control you desire right at your fingertips. No coding required. Just simple drag and drop blocks that allow you to create an agency professional level website that easily builds trust and credibility amongst potential buyers.


Save Time Listing Your Properties

We’ve got it all covered from the size to zoning. There’s no need to double check if you’re missing any information.  Simply follow the property listing template and fill out your land’s details.  And if you want to add more, you can go ahead and do so as well at the click of a button.


Sales Post Generator

Selling off-site is just as important, but, it can be time consuming to list. With our Sales Post Generator, you can  automatically generate posts from your land listings. They’ll be formatted for popular land listing marketplaces: Craigslist and Facebook Buy/Sell Marketplace Groups.


Property Content Lock

With the Property Content Lock plugin, you’ll now be able to put your properties behind an opt-in form making sure you do not lose the opportunity to build an ever-growing buyers’ email list that you can market your new property deals to.

Get everything you need to Easily Sell Your Land Properties.

Here's why so many Real Estate Investors use REI Landlist to easily list their properties, build their buyers' list and sell more properties.


Designed to Sell Land

Designed professionally to build trust, drive leads, and ultimately make sales. From your buyer capture form to the property filter search bar, your site will effortlessly guide buyers through the purchasing process.


Easy to Customize

Every investor is unique and so should your site.  Easily adjust colors, fonts, and images to match your branding in the click of a button. Add details to your properties with our easy to use  ‘blocks’ page builder, and design new pages using drag and drop technology.


Responsive for Any Device

It’s more important than ever that your website is optimized to look and perform great on laptops, desktops, mobile and tablet screens  – virtually any and all devices will offer a consistent and beautiful experience for the buyer.


Build Your Buyers' List

Use the buyer capture form to build your VIP buyers’ list, and begin a dialogue with them to understand what kind of land they are looking for. A crucial step to scaling your business as you focus on exactly what your buyers want.


Sales Post Generator

Easily list and sell off-site.  Automatically generate your off-site posts directly from the listings on your website. Posts are formatted for popular land listing marketplaces: Craigslist and Facebook Buy/Sell Marketplace Groups. 


Blazing Site Speed

With fast speeds, you’re rewarded with retaining more visitors, increasing leads, and a boost in Google’s SEO ranking.  (Our GTmetrix Pagespeed score: 95% ‘A’. Average Pagespeed score is 71%).


On Site Purchase

Begin the purchase process on your site.  Get the flexibility to link to any third party payment processors’ checkout page so that you can lock in a deposit and filter out the tire kickers.


Awesome Support

Got an issue? No problem, we know websites can be confusing.  So we’re here to help save you from any hair-pulling moments. Read more about our support here.


You Own Your Data

Unlike other website services, you own your site.  So if you ever decide to use another website, you can take all your data with you. We never own it.


We'll setup and install the theme for you - FREE!

Though we've made it very easy to setup and install your theme, we want to save you even more time by setting up your theme for you! Transfer your hosting over to WP Engine using our portal link, and, no matter where you are, we'll remotely setup and install your theme for you at a time that suits you - so you can focus on the important things. Like diving straight into the customization of your website, making it your own and listing your property.

Choose REI Managed Plan


We'll take care of everything.

From blazing fast and secure hosting to task requests, let us fully care for your website so you can focus on growing your business.

$129 per month

($69 per month per additional site)


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* Free website “Install & Setup” is included only when you sign up for or transfer your hosting at WP Engine via our partner link. Above pricing does not include hosting.


How Are We Different?

Your land investing business grows and evolves.
REI Conversion supports you alongside your investing journey. From our flexible pricing plans to the ability of customizing your site and its automations, we understand the importance of each unique investors creative approach to running scaling their business. Learn more about how REI Conversion is positioned and focused on the long run of your business compared to other Real Estate website services.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about REI Landlist? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

REI Landlist is the only Land investing designed theme for WordPress created with the intention to help you scale and save time. This is for land investors looking to flip, wholesale, or rent out land property.

REI Landlist works in conjunction with WordPress (version 5.0 and greater). Unsure on how WordPress works? Don’t worry, we have a step-by-step guide for you to setup everything from your website address all the way to installing WordPress and REI Landlist and customizing your site. 

Just like running any regular website, you’d need a domain and hosting service. Domain being your URL and Hosting would be where your site would live on. That’s all you need, and once you’re on our Business or Forever plans, you’ll get access to future updates and features as well.

We always recommend hosting with WP Engine for it’s security – especially dealing with several thousand dollar properties.  Read more about it here:

REI Managed plan includes secured and managed hosting.

Absolutely not. You can create and customize a beautiful and professional looking property buying website from our templates without any coding knowledge. We made it extremely user friendly without the need of of hiring a developer. Plus we’ve got a great support team 🙂

At this time we do not offer a trial for REI Landlist, but you can always book a tour of this theme here:

Forsure!  Feel free to book to learn more about REI Landlist  by booking a free chat with us here.