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I've now become the
team's bottleneck!

I'm a fireman... the business is running through Pebble while I'm doing my thing.

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Start streamlining to build a sustainable land business.

Automated Mailing

Easy mailing automation & flexibility.

Send offers or letters daily and generate a steady flow of incoming leads which allows you to operate your business with consistency.
Document Generator

Customize & generate docs on the fly.

It takes seconds to generate and send out documents from offers, contracts, to neighbor letters. Get access to our library of land templates and print and mail letters, postcards, and bifold mailers with a click.
Property & Lead Tracking

Organized leads to complete more deals.

Route, manage, and track all your properties, buyer and seller leads inside of REI Pebble. From there, perform due diligence, create custom lead notes, and tag your team members to work those leads.
Team Management

Manage your team & prioritize their tasks

Create and manage your team inside of REI Pebble. Communicate and notify your VA's or team members of their tasks so they can help you run your business while you focus on growth.

"It's so well designed. The DEAL FLOW, when the leads come in right there... it's so SEAMLESS"

Matt Carozza

Land Investor

A mailing system focused on helping you build a scalable & sustainable business.

We take care of the printing and mailing for you. Plus, you get access to our exclusive bulk rates no matter how much (or little) mail you send.

Daily Mail Drip

Drip your offers and mailers out daily to build consistency in your lead responses allowing you to build a sustainable and scalable land business.

Custom Offers & Letters

Get full control and the ability to customize the type of mailing you want to send out whether Blind Offers, Ranged Offer Letters, Neutral Letters, Neighbor Marketing Letters, etc...

Modify Midway

Never waste your budget on another offer campaign again because of pricing mistakes. Pause a campaign at anytime and make the necessary adjustments to your offers or anything else in your letters.

No Minimums

Send out an entire mailing campaign to a county to a single land contract document, there are no minimums in order to get our bulk discounted mailing rates.

Discounted Print & Mail Pricing

Letters Print & Mail Rate Add'l Pages
B&W Letter (Standard Class)
B&W Letter (First Class)
Color Letter (Standard Class)
Color Letter (First Class)
Postcards & Bifolds Print & Mail Rate
Postcards 4x6 (First Class)
Postcards 6x9 (Standard Class)
Postcards 6x9 (First Class)

"You can have everything you need all in one spot... it's been really great and a huge time saver."

Brice Hunter

Founder of Natural Wealth Properties

Integration with the services you already use and love.

REI Pebble is a central hub for all the services and tools you already use to streamline your land investing process meaning you don’t have to ditch what already works for you. Pebble allows you to:

"We save so many hours per week using this tool."

Callan Faulkner

Land Investor and CRM Sales Specialist

Organize your processes before it becomes a mess.

Start your land business off on the right foot and give it the ability to grow and scale.
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Automated Mailing

Create, schedule, drip your mailing/offers campaign.

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Tracked Seller Leads

Track, organize, and process seller leads and properties.

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Generate Purchase Docs

Quickly generate and complete your acquisition documents.

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Market and List

Generate and track sales posts for your land selling site and listing services.

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Neighbor Letter Marketing

Send out your neighbor letters and market your properties in minutes.


Prep Marketing Sales

Record notes, marketing details, and photos/media.

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Track Buyer Leads

Track buyer leads coming from all your marketing channels.

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Integrate With Followup

Push your buyer leads to your choice of a followup system like Follow Up Boss or Mailchimp.

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Generate Sales Docs

Quickly produce and send sales documents.


"Pebble is a game changer in our land business from a time perspective."

Travis King

Land Investor/Founder of Land Investing Mastery

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The pricing below does not include print and mailing fees.

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Pay yearly for a discount!
Bill yearly
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Unlimited users

$419 / mo


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Up to 4 users

$219 / mo


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1 user

$199 / mo

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The pricing above does not include print and mailing fees.

Starter Plan

Want to get started with our awesome mailing features first?

$85 / mo

* Standard mailing rates for the Starter Plan is the base discounted mailing rate + additional 5¢. Additional pages are not subject to increase.


"I'm an off-market land specialist using REI Pebble... and I'm on autopilot."

Damien Dupee

Founder of Creative Land Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Do you have a question about REI Landlist? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

What is included in the trial?

During your 14 day trial, you'll be able to access all the features of Pebble you’d normally have access to as a paid member. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

How many users can register under my account?

We only recommend and allow for one user per account. From there, you can decide who you allow access to your sign in credentials. Keep in mind though, every time you share your username and password you’re compromising your account's security and the Pebble team won’t be responsible for any security breaches.

What are your printing and mailing prices?

Go here to see print and mailing prices.
All prices include both printing and mailing. Standard mailing rates for the Starter plan is the discounted mailing rate + additional 5¢. Additional page charges remain the same.

Can I integrate Pebble with my website?

At this time, you can only integrate Pebble with REI Conversion land websites: REI Landleads and REI Landlist
 For more information on setting up your land investing websites head over to

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do! As a Pebble'r you can earn up to $69 per user per month - recurring forever! This is even easier than property on terms. Just share your affiliate link and earn when someone signs up.

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Minimum Order 0 50 500 500 100
Daily Mail Drip
Document Editor
Land Templates
Address Verification
Modify Mail Midway
Mail Tracking
Image Merging
Map Image Generation
Data Direct Import
Property Code Generation
Automatic Neighbor Letters
Savings at 1000 mailers - $(120) $(90) $(190) $(90)
Savings at 5000 mailers - $(600) $(250) $(950) $(450)

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