Looking for an alternative to Squarespace?

A more flexible website to Squarespace that allows your investing business to grow. REI Conversion focuses on features that allow you to scale and drive leads.

Feature Comparison

We honestly believe all the solutions below are great solutions for getting started. However, when your business’ process expands and grows, instead of adjusting them to fit your site’s capabilities, REI Conversion offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your business and investing needs.

rei-conversion-logo Squarespace
Starting Price Per Month $24.75 (Billed Annually) $12
Pricing Structure Yearly/One Time Payment Monthly/Yearly
Mobile Responsive
Free Setup & Installation
Direct Payment Integration
Own Your Own Data
Lead Generation Optimized
3rd Party Apps & Plugins Integrations
Customize and Optimize SEO
Pre-Written Copy & Content​
Designed for REI

Introducing REI Conversion

REI Conversion creates powerful WordPress themes to help you build a professional-looking, supercharged website for both generating leads and selling your properties. We offer flexible payment plans, a whole host of features and benefits and unparalleled 24/7 support. Scroll down to learn more about what we can offer you.

Forever Own Your Data

Imagine the impact on your business if one day, out of the blue, your web services were shut down as the company providing the service either ceased trading or were acquired by another company. 

Many alternatives to REI Conversion offer real estate website services that appear to be just as simple and are fully hosted by them – we get it, it sounds very appealing!

So what’s the problem? 

For starters, your properties, leads, content, images, media, even SEO reputation (that can take several months or even years to perfect) are all at the mercy of that company. 

If they go, so do their servers, your website – everything. 

With the number of tech companies that are being continuously flipped and disappearing into the ether, can you afford to take that risk? 

With your website powered by WordPress, you will have the ability to self-host your website and will own all of your data, so, if we end up packing up shop one day (don’t worry we don’t intend to…), your data and website will be all yours and, most importantly, it will be safe. 

What does all the above really mean?

Utilizing other, fully hosted website services comes with a large number of tradeoffs. 

In addition to worries about how long the platform will be in business, you’re also expected to sign off on the Terms of Service (ToS) without which, you’ll be unable to open an account. 

So here’s a question…how often do you read the ToS and know exactly what you’re signing up for?

I’ll be honest, at best, I skim the text if I even bother to look at all. I assume it includes ‘legal speak’ about how my content, how it may be used and how the platform can revoke its services whenever.

So how can you build a website that is secure, easy to use (even for non-tech people) and protected if the hosting company goes out of business?

The answer is through WordPress. 

You’ve probably heard of WordPress before, it’s a self-hosted platform that lets you build flexible and power websites.

With WordPress, entire sites can be migrated to a new hosting provider if you desire. If your host goes out of business or fails to earn your loyalty, you can easily backup and move on. The best bit is that your contacts, leads, form submissions, images, testimonials, everything – they all belong to you.

Climbing the SEO Rankings

SEO takes time – typically it’ll take a few months to a year to start seeing any results; search engines want to provide the best content to users and will ‘sandbox’ you in the first few months – just to check you’re legit. 

Things like content and competition play a role in how well your site will rank. We love the idea of using pre-written text to help investors get started, but are firm believers of everything in moderation. 

Some real estate website services will come with over 4000 words of text pre-written for you, which may sound appealing at first, but it’s not exactly easy to re-write ALL that content across all pages and it can sometimes be very tempting to just leave the content as is.

Now it’s a common misconception that Google will punish you for duplicate content. But even though they may actively not penalize, duplicate content defintely affects ranking. 

If you do a simple search for website services like Investor Carrot, specifically searching for the footer text of all Carrot sites that say “Powered by InvestorCarrot”, Google gives you a result of 240,000 pages. To be frank, Google probably didn’t even find all websites powered by this service, but what it does mean is that you have A LOT of other websites using the EXACT same content. 

To say the least, competition is stiff, and having that much of the same exact pre-written text, getting your page organically found via SEO/Google is quite very unlikely.

Also, let’s be honest, do you really want your real estate website to have the same placeholder content as everyone else? 

Chances are that you don’t. 

You want to stand out, have a niche, have a content strategy. All to ensure that you work your way through the search engine results organically. 

What does this mean?

With REI Conversion’s theme, we provide the bare bones of written text, something to get you started, but encourage you to add and adapt more. 

Our pre-written text will get you started with your SEO, but you will be the one to fine-tune it and really make it yours.

We still want this to be easy, however, so we ensured our theme comes with easy, one-click ways to add new blocks of text anywhere on your site along with the ability rename pages, descriptions, meta tags, you name it  – all fully customizable and are a sure-fire way to help with your SEO.

Not only that, with our websites, you can also easily install plugins like RankMath or Yoast, which will give you a hand with your SEO strategy. Site cleanups and speed checks? Shortpixel and WP Rocket will be your best friend and, with WordPress, can be added to your site in just a few clicks. 

Hey, with WordPress it’s even easy for you to bring in an outside specialist to spruce up your SEO. As it’s the most popular CMS on the web (yes 34% of everything you see online is powered by WordPress – over 75 million websites), most third-party contractors are familiar with it and how to harness its power. 

Switching to REI Conversion earlier than later

Picture this, it’s 6 months or a year from now. You already have a live website. Unfortunately, you’ve just come to the tragic realization that the limitations of said site mean you can no longer grow with your business…

You have all the right keywords, images, and even a unique spin on the traditional real estate business model, but your site isn’t ranking because there are hundreds of thousands of the exact same thing floating about the web. 

So you finally decide that it’s time to leave, maybe you consider not bothering with a website anymore (don’t do the latter). 

You came across REI Conversion in your initial research but decided to go elsewhere for whatever reason (don’t worry we’re not judging), or, you just came across us today – welcome to you!

You make the decision to join REI Conversion. 

Unfortunately, due to the shortcomings of the supposed ‘fully-hosted’ site you thought may have been best for you, you haven’t built any SEO credibility. 

You have to start from scratch and your ranking does not move with you since the structure of your website provided by the other service provider does not match the infrastructure of a more flexible and customizable WordPress operated site. 

You now need to, once again, begin the process of “seasoning” your website. Slowly building up the rankings from scratch. It’s a painful process, but eventually you see the results that REI Conversion can deliver.

You kick yourself… “If only you’d have switched sooner”.

Each week really does matter, so the earlier you switch over to a platform like REI Conversion, the sooner you can really start building your SEO rankings.

Your Business and Site Always Evolves

As your business grows, your experience and understanding of the industry and its process also scale proportionally. Unfortunately, the generic features of a site that isn’t tailored for your growing needs can become restrictive. Fast.

With REI Conversion, you’ll be able to build your website and your business on the strongest of foundations. From there, your real estate investment business can organically grow and your website can grow alongside it; features being removed and added as needed. 

How Do We Do This?

Let’s take automation as a good example. 

You’ve figured out how to automate your website, but now you want to add a payment processor, run an A/B split test on your sales pages, or, step it up further and directly connect with powerful CRM systems like Podio.

This can all be achieved and tailored to your REI Conversion website. We want to make things easier for you to capture leads, and more importantly, sales even when you’re sleeping. 

The Undeniable Future of WordPress

WordPress has been around since 2003 (meaning that it’s even older than Facebook), and with almost a third of ALL websites on the internet being powered by WordPress, there’s no stopping it.

Because it’s an open-source platform, it means that thousands of people and companies (like REI Conversion) are able to continuously make cutting edge products to expand its capabilities.

As of a year ago, ManageWP reported that over 44,000 plugins have now been created which allows WordPress to perform almost any kind of custom function that you can imagine.

WordPress continually improves, evolves, and aims to find the perfect balance between ease of use and performance. It expands its reach every day to new businesses, bloggers, and content creators across the globe, in 56 languages. In fact, some of the most popular Real Estate websites like REtipsterLand AcademyLand Geek trust WordPress to power their website

What does this mean?

There are many reasons why WordPress is so popular. It’s a widely trusted platform with awesome UX and features that allow businesses worldwide to grow every single day.

By creating an adaptable, customizable, WordPress theme, we have allowed real estate investment businesses such as yourself to have unprecedented success. We provide a tailor-made experience for your business and are excited to join each and every one of our clients along their business journey. Our support team is always eager to help in any way they can and have a true passion for real estate which helps them to provide second-to-none service.

Feature Comparison

We honestly believe all the solutions below are great solutions for getting started. However, when your business’ process expands and grows, instead of adjusting them to fit your site’s capabilities, REI Conversion offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your business and investing needs.

rei-conversion-logo Carrot Lead Propeller Squarespace Wix
Pricing Structure Yearly/One Time Payment Monthly/Yearly Monthly/Yearly Monthly/Yearly Monthly/Yearly
Mobile Responsive
Free Setup & Installation
Direct Payment Integration
Own Your Own Data
Lead Generation Optimized
Third Party App Integration
Customize SEO
Pre-Written Copy & Content
Designed for REI