Tools and Resources

A list of tools and resources that we use or have used to grow our investing business.
Hosting and Domain

GoDaddy (Domains)

In order for visitors to find your site, you’ll need a website address (example: www.reiconversion.com). GoDaddy is one of the most budget friendly domain providers. Although we recommend their domain services, we do not recommend their hosting. Please see WP Engine for our hosting recommendation.

WP Engine (Hosting)

WP Engine is the only web host we recommend to build and launch your website. Because of it’s fast speeds, security, and customer support, this is your best choice in launching your WordPress site. Unlike most webhosts, WP Engine only hosts WordPress and specificaly provides support WordPress as well. Hit the icon to get a discount today.



Geekpay is a fully automated payment processing service that can be used to collect monthly payments for seller financed deals (using both ACH and Credit Card). Managing several monthly payments can be challenging, and this is a great software for simplifying that process.

Land Investing Education


REtipster.club is a detailed step-by-step guide to finding, buying and selling vacant land. The program is broken down into the exact steps with video guides and templates and scripts you can apply to your investing business. Not only that, Seth Williams of REtipster is a huge reason we started REI Conversion and it’s how I got into land investing, as well as an advisor to REI Conversion.

Land Trainer

Land education and coaching for Land Investors by Justin Melquist are courses are broken into several different courses diving deep into topics like strategies on marketing land specifically on Facebook to Contracts, letters, and forms you can use for your land investing business.


Learn.Land is an education program and community lead by land investor Clint Turner. Their system focuses on generating leads, efficient communication, and the software + workflows it takes to close the deal.

Email Marketing


Mailchimp one of the most popular an email marketing platform that helps you create great looking emails and is easy to use. Highly integratabtle and has a free plan (but no automation or tagging). One thing we love about Mailchimp is the ease of use to create great professional looking emails.


MailerLite is an email marketing service that gives you ability to build email lists, deliver emails, create automations, and connect to different platforms. This is perfect for collecting leads on your site and the free plan gives you access to advance features like email automations.

CRM Services


Airtable is a powerful organization tool namely used as a CRM app. Airtable is part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible and investors to love the simplicity of Airtable. Can integrate with REI Conversion sites through Zapier.

SEO Plugins


Shortpixel is a WordPress plugin that improves website performance by reducing the image size and increases your site’s SEO ranking. Automatically compress your images that are no different in quality from the original.

Live Chat Plugins


Birdseed.io is a all-in-one live chat, messaging, call, and more bubble that can sit on your site’s pages. It allows for up to 12 powerful tools including Live Chat, Testimonials, Meetings, Announcements, FAQ, Videos, Call Requests and more. All built into just one simple button. Check out their free plan and a pro plan with full features.

Productivity Plugins

Code Snippets Plugin

Code Snippets plugin to allow you to add code to your WordPress site easily on the front end without having to scan through thousands of lines of code on your functions.php file. Code Snippets is for PHP code and you may need it for things such as Google Analytics to Facebook Messenger chat bubbles, etc.


Endorsal fully automates the collection and display of testimonials so you can receive higher-quality endorsements, from more clients, in less time. It also allows you to embed their widget on your WordPress site so that testimonials show up automatically and dynamically when a new testimonial is submitted.