August 16, 2018

How To: Simple & Effective Property Buying Website [Template]

Host of
REI Conversion Podcast


Hey, how’s it going? This is Jessey Kwong. I’m the founder and podcast host at REI Conversion, with a back ground stemming from design, digital marketing, and Real Estate Investing.

My goals here at REI Conversion is to empower other real estate investors, like yourself, with the digital tools and strategies to help you get started and scale your investing business.

Not only do I work closely with our small team and the services at REI Conversion, but I love building conversations and relationships with all of our investors, listening to the needs to help investors to grow.

“Should I even care about being online?”

We spend most of our time with a lot of offline strategies, outreach, phone calls and networking when it comes to REI Investing and finding “opportunities” (properties) that we can breathe new life to it or simply flip.

But I’m here to tell you that you may be missing out on the online action. Here’s the thing, for each second of the day (that’s 86,400 seconds), 40,000 search queries per second are processed by Google alone. 

Good chance that someone is searching how and where they can get rid of their house or vacant land for cash quick.

I’m also here to tell you that…

…driving visitors to my property buying website has been the main source of my seller leads. And it’s why so many are future proofing their investing business by making sure they have a very effective landing page. 

I’ve easily built more landing pages than homes…

It’s what I’ve been working on outside of Real Estate Investing for the past 5 years. Building landing pages, fine-tuning copywriting, running a/b test on ads and images – it’s what I pretty much live and breathe.

Websites that can generate more property seller leads, otherwise known as lead generating landing pages, are composed of a group of definable elements. These building blocks represent the foundation of most pages and can be used as a guide when defining and creating your content.

Core Elemets of Your Property Buying Website

There are 5 must-have core elements on any landing page, which can be broken down further into a more detailed list of building blocks:

  1. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
    • The main headline
    • A supporting headline
  2. The hero shot (images/video showing context of use)
  3. The benefits of your offering
    • A bullet point list summary of benefits
    • Benefit and features in detail
  4. Social proof/Reinforcement/Testimonial (I’ll have what she’s having)
  5. Your Call-To-Action (CTA)
    • Property form
    • Collect Name, Email, Property Address, Phone

Here’s Your Blueprint

Below is a template that has been tried and tested which you can follow.

It’s specifically laid out to strategically hit all the core of a very effective and succinct property buying website without being too text heavy, confusing, and with clear action for your seller to take.

(DOWNLOAD: Right click and “Save As” OR Tap and Hold to save image]