How To Run A Better Investing Business With VA’s

In Episode #27, we bring on Holly Thomas who has worked with a lot of real estate investors. She is now an expert in land investing now and can give you the advice you’ll need to run your investing business virtually.

Fix this now! It’s Turning Away Your Leads

In Episode #25, we talk about one technical thing that is confusing and turning away your leads – your site’s security. Google and browsers are making it known since last year to your visitors if site’s are insecure, and more and more Real Estate investing websites are affected by this because they have yet to even learn about this issue.

Here’s What Cash Buyers Want from Wholesalers and Flippers

In Episode #23, Dustin Heiner, an avid Buy and Hold investor shares exactly what it’s like being on the other side as a cash buyer. He shares exactly what flippers/wholesalers should be doing to offload more properties to cash buyers like himself.