Episode #57

December 16, 2021

Running a Land Business As a Couple!

Host of
REI Conversion Podcast


Hey, how’s it going? This is Jessey Kwong. I’m the founder and podcast host at REI Conversion, with a back ground stemming from design, digital marketing, and Real Estate Investing.

My goals here at REI Conversion is to empower other real estate investors, like yourself, with the digital tools and strategies to help you get started and scale your investing business.

Not only do I work closely with our small team and the services at REI Conversion, but I love building conversations and relationships with all of our investors, listening to the needs to help investors to grow.

Newly-weds Chloe and Evan share their strategies on how they strike that work-life balance while doing land business together and how their relationship has helped their business scale faster.

In this episode, you’ll get insights on how to manage a land business with someone that you have a close relationship with and still keep a sticky situation from getting in the way of your work life. Contrary to the perception of many, where they say to not mix work with personal life, this power couple has proven that to be a misconception.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • the goals they set together as business partners
  • the biggest advantages of working as a couple
  • the roles that they play and delegate to each other and what comprises their team
  • how to know if being in a partnership is right for you

Show Notes:
Email Evan and Chloe
Paradise Parcels Website

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