REI Conversion Podcast Ep 5: Should Your Property Buying And Selling Websites Be Different?

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In episode #5, we tackle the topic of if you should have a different site for both your property buying and selling website. And the major risks you’re running if you keep them together as one site.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:22] Today’s Topic: Should Your Property Buying And Selling Website be Different
[00:01:06] From a dollar standpoint, does it make sense to have a separate site?
[00:02:36] What it costs in total, and can be easily recovered
[00:03:22] What sellers see if you had both buying and selling on one site
[00:04:07] Risking your business to be reviewed negatively on Google or Facebook
[00:05:55] Your site will lack clarity in communicating a goal
[00:06:34] Wrap Up. Leave us a comment



My desire in starting REI Conversion was to empower other real estate investors with the digital tools to help get investors started and grow their business. Not only do I work closely with the team and services at REI Conversion but enjoy building relationships with all of our investors (don’t be afraid to book a tour/call with me).