August 1, 2021

Update Roundup (July 2021): Happy First Year, Pebble! New Community Platform… And More!

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Hey, how’s it going? This is Jessey Kwong. I’m the founder and podcast host at REI Conversion, with a back ground stemming from design, digital marketing, and Real Estate Investing.

My goals here at REI Conversion is to empower other real estate investors, like yourself, with the digital tools and strategies to help you get started and scale your investing business.

Not only do I work closely with our small team and the services at REI Conversion, but I love building conversations and relationships with all of our investors, listening to the needs to help investors to grow.

Time flew by so quickly and just like that, Pebble is 1 year old! We’ve been through a rollercoaster ride from its infancy stage and our journey of making Pebble an integral part of your land business is still ongoing. We owe it to all of you who have stuck with us and have taken the time out of your busy day to give us feedback, suggestions, and ideas on how we can improve Pebble so we can continue to give you valuable user experience. We can not thank you enough!

As we continuously improve Pebble, we are adding more functionalities to help you streamline your business more seamlessly. So, we have launched a new feature called the ‘Automated Role Assignment’. This will help you micromanage your team as Pebble now allows you to create automations under the lead management system. You can keep track of your team’s tasks in a quick glance as you get to see who’s working on a particular property stage. Your team will also be notified of any changes of the lead’s status and what task is being assigned to them.

We’ve got a few more features and announcements for both REI Pebble and REI Landleads/Landlist in store for you!

Feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch our latest ‘Update Roundup‘ which we streamed inside of our Facebook Group ‘Land Investors Who Drive Growth and our YouTube channel on July 29, 2021 which covers all our latest updates.

Let’s get to some more feature updates shall we…

WordPress Core Update (5.8) is now available!

On July 20th, WordPress announced their latest update which they call 5.8 Tatum in honor of the legendary jazz pianist, Art Tatum, and this update is now available in your websites!
This update allows you to:

  • Manage your widgets with blocks and preview it real time through the Customizer
  • Get more inspiration through suggested patterns for Blocks
  • Duotone allows you to colorize and style your images

Pasting from Word to Pebble

The Document Editor can now strip the coding away from Word. This means that it will be easier to copy your template from Word and paste it over to Pebble as the formatting will no longer look askew because the coding from Word has been removed.

Bulk Campaign Offer Send!

You can now filter your mailings according to their mailing status and see if they are pending, failed, or submitted. If you wish to retarget or adjust your offer, you can now send them in bulk by simply grouping them under a mailing status.

Slack Community and Investor Insights!

To give you a more interactive and engaging platform, we are migrating our community platform over to Slack!
With its messenger formatting, interacting with your fellow Pebble users can now be more dynamic.

Within our Slack Community, we will be introducing ‘Investor Insights’. This is to give you a competitive edge as land investors as we will show you what’s trending inside Pebble which you can use as a benchmark for your business. We will show numbers such as what the Top 10 Counties that your fellow Pebblers are mailing out to and how many mailers you need to send to get a response.

So if you have a feature request, make sure to keep them coming by emailing

Watch the full Update Roundup (July 2021) below:

2:12 – Happy birthday, Pebble
3:22 – Website Updates
4:20 – Pebble Updates
13:25 – Slack Community – migrating from Tribe over to Slack
14:55 – What’s coming up ahead
21:26 – USPS across the board mail rate increase
24:34 – Classroom Series

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