May 28, 2021

Update Roundup (May 2021): Hosting + Template Placeholders… and more!

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Hey, how’s it going? This is Jessey Kwong. I’m the founder and podcast host at REI Conversion, with a back ground stemming from design, digital marketing, and Real Estate Investing.

My goals here at REI Conversion is to empower other real estate investors, like yourself, with the digital tools and strategies to help you get started and scale your investing business.

Not only do I work closely with our small team and the services at REI Conversion, but I love building conversations and relationships with all of our investors, listening to the needs to help investors to grow.

(Scroll to the bottom for the full May 2021 Update Roundup Video)

Paying more than you should just to get your land website secure and safe? If you are currently using a third party hosting service, then you definitely are.

Sure, it will cost you less for the hosting service alone but you run the risk of getting your website compromised as it is vulnerable to all sorts of malware, spyware and any threats in the internet. It is by upselling you their security package, that the price spikes up.

So, why spend more when you can get all of it in one place with REI Conversion? No upgrades, no extra charge and you get the peace of mind that your website is safe and secure. On top of that, we will make it hassle-free for you as you don’t have to do your daily back-ups and we will do the auto-updates for you as well.

And yes, we will migrate your site for free!

We’ve got a lot of new features launched this past month and here’s some of the bigger ones we’ve been working on.

Feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch our latest ‘Update Roundup‘ which we streamed inside of our Facebook Group ‘Land Investors Who Drive Growth ? and our YouTube channel on May 27, 2021 which covers all our latest updates.

Let’s get to those updates shall we…

Updated Customizer!

You can now customize your typography, list layout and gallery layout. And if you want to reset everything, you can do so with the ‘style reset’ feature. Just make sure that back up your site first before making any changes so you can always have the rollback option if you need to.

No more placeholder restrictions for all templates!

This has been one of the most requested features from you. And it’s finally here. Now, all of the placeholders are available to all of our templates.

More preset dates!

We’ve added more preset dates for you as well.

So if you have a feature request, make sure to keep them coming by emailing

Watch the full Update Roundup (May 2021) below:

0:00 – Introduction
2:30 – Website Updates
4:30 – Pebble Updates
6:38 – What’s upcoming (Websites)
9:14 – Site Hosting Migration! Save $$$
11:04 – Upcoming Events
12:05 – Q & A

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