Why Go With REI Pebble vs LG Pass?

At a glance here's how we differ from LG Pass:
REI Pebble LG Pass
Setup Fee
No Setup
*$260 per month (Lob)
Print & Mailing
Zapier App
Document Editor
Team & VA Management
Address Verification

* This is Lob’s starting pricing. Although, you can they have a free plan but print and mailing prices are are an additional 60% per piece with a limit of only 500 mailers per month.

So what's the difference between REI Pebble and LG Pass?

Sure there are features and product items that’s different between the two companies (which you see above)…

but the biggest difference is our ability to support the entire land investing process.

The founding team at LG Pass has built a system that allow you to organize your mailing and documents. While at REI Pebble, covers the entire deal cycle from mailing, handling leads, and marketing on your own site.

Long story short: This simply means LG Pass covers only a portion of the entire land investing process.

So if you’re looking to get started on a system that streamlines the entire process, then you’re in the right place. We created REI Pebble to be there each step of the way with land investing.

Import your LG Pass data for free today.

When you feel REI Pebble is a good fit, our Landspeed import process lets you import your entire list of properties. It’s free and we’re to help if you need anything.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Investors Use REI Pebble vs LG Pass

Reason #1

Printing and Mailing Taken Care Of

LG Pass gives you the ability to send your mailings over to your premium Lob account (starting at $260 per month or $0 per month but with print and mailing rates increased by 60% with a limit of 500 mailings per month) via API while REI Pebble takes care of all your printing and mailing needs. This means no connection setups, no minimums, no limitations, you get negotiated bulk rates, address verification, and daily mail drip. Start sending your mail directly through REI Pebble today with no worries.

Reason #2

Integrate with Your Website

One of the limitations of LG Pass not being built to handle marketing is the lack of website integration. Although, LG Pass makes it very easy to mark which marketing channels you have listed your property on, it ends there. With REI Pebble by REI Conversion, you can bring leads into REI Pebble from your website (REI Landleads) and in the sales stages, push your property’s details and images to your land selling website (REI Landlist) for marketing.

Reason #3

Customize All of Your Documents

REI Pebble has the ability to to fully edit and create your own documents. With customizable placeholders (aka merge fields), you can compose custom templates and generate your documents in seconds. Whether you need to customize one of our templates, or bring in your own documents, Pebble makes it easy and has the flexibility to allow you to generate any documents that you need in seconds.

Reason #4

Save More By Mailing to Only Verified Addresses

If you’re sending direct mailers without any measures to verify if an address exists, on average you can see about an 8-10% return on undeliverable mailings. Because Landspeed prints and mails through Click2Mail, which skips the process of verifying addresses, you can see up to $25 wasted per 1000 mailers sent out. With REI Pebble’s mailing, we’ve set strict rules to minimize any wasted spending on non-existing addresses.

Reason #5

Send Your Leads To Your Favorite Follow-up & Email Automation System

We understand the importance of the systems you have dialled in already. Because REI Pebble is built to streamline your current processes, that means you can simply send your leads to any app through our official REI Pebble Zapier app. Whether your leads go to Mailchimp, to Follow-Up Boss, or to whatever app you choose, REI Pebble lets you easily integrate with any app or system that you have already refined in your process.

Ready to get started?

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