Meet Our Team

Jessey Kwong

Founder + Voice of the REI Conversion Podcast

My desire in starting REI Conversion was to empower other real estate investors with the digital tools to help get investors started and grow their business.

Not only do I work closely with the team and services at REI Conversion but enjoy building relationships with all of our investors (don’t be afraid to book a tour/call with me).

Yuli Yang

CTO + WordPress Guru

As the lead tech and developer here at REI Conversion I obsess over problem-solving through creative coding. Not only that it gives me a chance to learn new things in the process. 

During my spare time, I am passionate about growing the the WordPress community globally through organizing meetups and annual WordCamp events.

John Deshawn

Developer + Customer Support Specialist

I’ve always had a knack for troubleshooting and am your guy for resolving any issues that we can help with.  Other than that, I’ve got a passion for helping others get launched

I love taking feedback from our users to better improve our product. Big supporter of the fact we continually evolve and improve REI Conversion.