Website Update Roundup (July 31, 2020)

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In our first REI Conversion Website “Update Roundup” held inside of our Facebook Group, Yuli and Jessey discuss the latest updates including:

  1. REI Landlist: Property Content Lock (Property Note)
  2. REI Landlist: Property Admin Columns
  3. REI Landlist: Property Status and Pay Buttons
  4. REI Landleads: New Bold Skin
  5. REI Landleads: New Pebble Forms (KB)
  6. Lots of bug changes and updates

As well as new things we’re working on:

  1. REI Landlist Skin
  2. Blog Styling
  3. REI Landlist Custom Cookie Length for PCL
  4. Pebble Integration with ZPL
  5. In-dashboard Redesign




My desire in starting REI Conversion was to empower other real estate investors with the digital tools to help get investors started and grow their business. Not only do I work closely with the team and services at REI Conversion but enjoy building relationships with all of our investors (don’t be afraid to book a tour/call with me).